Universidad de Richmond

Our partnership is proud to work with the following University of Richmond Faculty, Staff, & Students

salisburyDavid Salisbury is an Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment at UR and a human-environment geographer with an expertise in reconciling conservation and development in Amazonia. He has been connected with UNU since 2004 where he directed UNU thesis students and in 2007, he gladly accepted to teach as an honorary professor.


Mary Finley-Brook is the Chair and an Associate Professor of the Geography and the Environment Department at UR. For two decades, she has been conducting research on development policy and practice in indigenous territories in Latin America. Her research focuses on a wide range of geographical and environmental issues including forest governance, climate change mitigation, renewable energy policy, common property land demarcation and titling, environmental justice, social movements, and trade.

Rafael de Sá is a Professor of Biology at UR, where he teaches a variety of courses, including evolution, conservation biology, and natural history. His research focuses on frog biodiversity and the evolutionary biology of frogs.



petersmallwoodPeter Smallwood is an associate professor of biology at UR and a conservation biologist. He has a particular interest in science policy and diplomacy in developing countries and conflict areas. He served as the director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s program in Afghanistan (2008-2009), working with closely with local government and academic scientists. He looks forward to working with UNU faculty and students.




George Appling is a sophomore from Austin, TX studying Finance and Environmental Studies at the University of Richmond. He will be researching the impacts of of a proposed transportation corridor to connect Pucallpa, Peru to Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil. This summer, he looks forward to working with local people in order to gain their perspective on road building.




Samuel Diaz  is a rising sophomore from Caracas, Venezuela. Studying International Studies, concentration in World Politics & Diplomacy, and a double minor in Arabic and Leadership Studies. He will be researching on the impacts tourism has had and could have in the area from an environmental, economic and sociocultural perspective. He is really looking forward to meet all the team and working at Pucallpa.


314720_10151238507056679_364595753_nChristian Graven is a rising junior at the University of Richmond studying Environmental Economics.  He will be conducting research about Peru’s involvement with the environmental initiative, Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, or REDD. He is very excited to work with everyone at UNU.


Anna Sangree is a rising Junior at the University of Richmond. She majors in both Environmental Studies and Geography. She is researching the relationship between gender and conservation at UNU.




1005925_10151796206961349_1685928423_nJorge Rivas is a rising Junior from Peru studying Economics and Finance at the Robins Business School at the University of Richmond. He will be working as the accounting intern for the program. He is looking forward to work with everyone this summer. We will all learn a lot and have a great time in Pucallpa.





Tammy Hicks is the Director of Accounting at the Controller’s Office at UR. She has worked at UR for 16 years. She will be handling the post-award duties for the USAID grant that is funding this program. She will also be working with the accounting office at UNU to manage the finances for the program.


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